ABOUT Wegwohin

The collective WEGWOHIN

The collective WEGWOHIN was founded in 2017. The focus is on projects that deal primarily with East German identity and the transformation processes of the post-reunification period in various artistic formats:

Since 2018, the collective has been researching the work of the author Uwe Johnson and realized a large-scale, cross-city and cross-genre project in Leipzig in the fall of 2020: the festival week “EINE REISE, WEGWOHIN”, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of reunification – theater, reading, audio walk, panel discussion and participation formed the artistic framework. The Leipzig City Archive, the Leipzig Forum of Contemporary History, the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre, the German Literature Institute and the Leipzig House of Literature were enlisted as cooperation partners.


Inspired by the Corona crisis, the collective realized the documentary film “9_16_2216 oder MAN ISOLIERT SICH NIE SO LEICHT, ALS WENN DAS HAUS VOLLER GÄSTE IST” within a few weeks in April 2020. The students of the 2nd year of acting at the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre documented their dealings with the forced social and artistic isolation during the 1st lockdown.

In the third and currently developing project of the collective WEGWOHIN, DU VT :: TRACES :: SPUREN, the collective follows in the footsteps of Vietnamese contract workers: In cooperation with the Vietnamese community, the Department for International Affairs of the City of Leipzig and supported by the Fond Darstellende Künste, among others, an audio-digital bicycle tour is created, a performative art intervention that aims to raise awareness for a previously unheard migrant voice.


In the collective’s previous productions, artists from the fields of acting, music, visual art, and video and film art have worked with them. It is always important that the team is made up of East and West Germans in order to promote understanding for one another.